Description Not only do managers oversee functional processes in company, they also have to manage people. Human Resources (HR) is the primary way that companies manage people and HR assists managers with areas such as hiring, training, employment law, performance management, employee benefits, and compensation. They also use organizational behavior principles to build positive employees […]

Description For this assignment, you will explore due process, post-conviction review (relief), and sentencing as they relate to a specific court case you research. This assignment will introduce you to a few issues those in the criminal justice field face. You may be called on to consider these issues too if you pursue a career […]

Description Eddison Electric Company (EEC) provides electricity for several states in the United States. You have been employed as a cost accountant at this organization. The President of EEC recently called a meeting to announce that a firm has approached EEC about a possible acquisition. The President wants to consider this purchase and has requested […]

Description Write a reflection paper (1-2 pages) that expresses your views and feelings on what you learned from this course and also conveys the personal experiences and findings that resulted. I am attaching some of the Assignments we’ve had over the semester. I am an Education major. Class Name: Problems and Trends in Elementary Science

Description Prepare a ONE – PAGE memo that summarizes the performance of your stock portfolio. Briefly discuss your strategy at the beginning of the semester and changes that you have made from INVESTMENT CHALLENGE 1,2,3 (ARE ATTACHED BELOW) summarizing the major reasons for buying the stock over this time period. Also include a summary of […]

Description Each of you has a goal you hope to accomplish after completing your Curry College education.  Prepare a 1-3 page paper based on the APA style of report writing (APA Style) (Links to an external site.).explaining why and how Technical Communications will be important to your future career. Your paper should include what your […]

Description Ethical behavior is paramount to an organization’s short- and long-term success. For your final Discussion Board reply, read this source about common unethical IT behavior. Then, select an organization that has experienced one of the behaviors noted in the article ( Discuss the following organization-specific information in your response: What unethical IT behavior was […]

Description FOUR replies should be at least 200 words, and informed by the course material. As such, the replies must have citations and references in APA notation. Your list of references for each reply should include all of the course material that has informed your reply, in addition to any research that you have obtained […]

Description There is much research to evaluate in formulating your own opinion about the validity of the biological approach to criminal behavior. As you ponder the legitimacy of this research and of the biological approach, consider two important questions: First, do biological theories illuminate your understanding of the nature of criminal behavior? Second, to what […]

Description You are to write a 2000-word report on the financial position and performance of a stock listed company of your choice from a financial industry. To do this you need the latest and previous year annual reports of the company. (i)Introduction: You should provide a short introduction to the organisation, which identifies the key […]