Western Governors University Human Resource Department Discussion


Paper 1.

Directions: For this assignment you will write a two page paper in APA format including the following:
1. Identify a key area where the human resource department is critical to an organization’s overall strategic plan.
2. Discuss why HR is critical for that area.
3. Discuss how HR impacts that area.
4. Discuss where an organization can see positive/negative results from HR’s involvement in that area

Paper 2.

2. Prepare a written summary of the article. Keep in mind that you want to summarize the main ideas, not all of the details. Summarize the article using the following format:
a. Identify the main point of the article.
b. Relate the article to the instructional materials by citing specific legalities that tie the practical application of the article to the theory.
c. Describe the author’s position.
d. State your position.
e. Defend your position using terminology, concepts, and theory from this Learning Plan.