Wayne State University Prokaryotic Cell Illustration Essay


Illustrate a Prokaryotic Cell


What does a cell require in order to function? One of the best ways to comprehend what cells need to function is by illustrating the cell and its structures. The following activity will enable you to master this essential concept of cell biology.

Prokaryotes such as bacteria can make up at least 50% of the cells found in the human body. They play a vital role in our immune system and digestive system. What do you think these prokaryotes look like?

  1. Illustrate a prokaryotic cell attached to a eukaryotic cell and label the cellular structures on the cells.
  2. Provide a short caption to describe the capability of your hypothetical prokaryotic cell.

Submission Guidelines

  • The illustration can be a digital image or a photo of a hand-drawn picture.
  • The caption should be between 100 – 200 words.