Visualize the Area Under a Curve Questions


For this discussion, you will work in groups to visualize the area under a curve using the online graphing tool Desmos. You will use the Desmos applet for a definite integral. To get started:

  • First, review the Learn Desmos: Integrals video (desmos 1:51) (Links to an external site.) for a few pointers on using Desmos.
  • Then, access the Definite Integral tool (Links to an external site.) from the Desmos site as a guest. You don’t need to create an account or sign in to the site.

Use the Definite Integral tool to explore the area under a curve. Complete the following.

  • Replace the default equation with LaTeX: f\left(x\right)=3x^5-2x^3
  • First set the limits as LaTeX: a=1 and LaTeX: b=2. You may need to zoom in or out to see the graph and the shaded region.
  • Then, experiment with a and b both being negative.
  • Then, let a be negative and b be positive. Try using the slider and have a and b as decimals.
  • Take a screenshot of one of your cases (including the right column of input information and the graph with the shaded region) to post into the discussion.

Find LaTeX: \int_1^2\left(3x^5-2x^3\right)dx and share the steps you used to get it.