Virtual High School History of Logarithms Math Essay


The Task:

You will need to choose one of the following roles in order to complete the
assignment. Each role focuses on different aspects of logarithms, and each role
has different requirements for presenting your work. Read the requirements
carefully and choose the role that best suits your interests.

Question 1

The Engineer:
As an engineer, you will focus on finding information about how logarithms were
used to solve problems at the time it was invented. Also, consider how similar
problems were solved before logarithms were created. Consider:

What tools were needed to complete calculations before the invention of logarithms?

What tools were used, or needed, after logarithms were created?

How do we use logarithms today that differs from the way they were used when they
were invented?

How do you use the tools of logarithms to solve problems?

If you choose the role of an engineer, you will need to submit a written report (1-3
pages double spaced). Your report should include:

a) A brief introduction.

b) A body that includes the information outlined above, pictures, examples,

c) A conclusion.

d) Any additional documents that may relate to the report, including sources
(at least 2) cited in APA style.

Question 2

The Teacher:
As a teacher, you will need to think about how you would teach these concepts to
others. Think about areas that might be difficult for students, how will you teach it
so that students can understand? Think about creative and interesting ways that
you can teach and engage student interest.

If you choose the role of a teacher, you will need to submit a presentation (either
Powerpoint or Prezi – maximum 20 slides). Your presentation should include:

a) An interesting introduction (A “hook”)

b) A brief description of who invented logarithms, why they were invented,
when it was invented, how they invented it, etc.
c) A lesson on how to use logarithms. This may include, but is not limited to,
a video, an interactive, an activity, etc.

d) A conclusion that wraps up and restates any important ideas that were
taught in the lesson.

e) In-text/media citation, and a references page (at least two sources).

Question 3

The Historian:
As a historian you will focus on finding information relating to the history of
logarithms. You will need to consider the “5 W’s and How”:

Who invented logarithms?

When was it invented?

Why did they invent it?

Where did they invent it?

How did they invent it?

Once you have answered these questions, also consider adding any other interesting information that relates to logarithms, or the inventor(s).

You may also want to consider other factors from the time period that may have
had an influence on the invention of logarithms. For example, what changes were
going on that might have required faster or more accurate mathematical

If you choose the role of the historian, you will need to submit a formal essay (1 –
4 pages double spaced, at least 2 sources). Your essay should include:

a) An introductory paragraph that clearly states the topic.

b) At least three body paragraphs.

c) A concluding paragraph that wraps up the ideas discussed.