University of California Irvine Learning Communities E Zine Discussion


For this E-Zine (Electronic Magazine), you will write an article that focuses on Learning Communities In and Around UCI. These learning communities are not only a great place to socialize, learn, and organize events, they can also teach important 21st-century literacy skills, such as digital literacy (media production, marketing), communication, collaboration, etc.

So what is a learning community? It is an organization or a group of individuals ( whether formal or informal) who have a common learning interest. These can be things like dance troupes, professional teacher organizations, film clubs, videogame clubs, speech and debate clubs, MCAT study groups, etc. What makes these groups special is that members actively learn from one another through their own expertise and experiences. More formal groups/organizations may have structured hierarchies and organize major events, whereas less formal groups may have a more loose way of learning from one another.