UDC Agriculture Policy Evaluation Analysis


Using your assigned determinant of health, review a policy that was improperly evaluated and discuss the implications of improper evaluation on health. The Robinson article provides a great example of how evaluation of our agricultural policies has contributed to obesity rates.

In response to your peers, ask a gotcha question (see Module 1 for definition) that is intended to suggest how the Government Accountability Office (GAO) or Congressional Budget Office (CBO) could help evaluate the policy. This question should suggest how this additional step could impact health.

For this discussion:

  • Initial post: 350 words

4. Compare the organization, structure, and function of health care, public health, and regulatory systems across national and international settings.
5. Discuss the means by which structural bias, social inequities, and racism undermine health and create challenges to achieving health equity at organizational, community, and societal levels.
7. Apply awareness of cultural values and practices to the design or implementation of public health policies or programs.
9. Explain basic principles and tools of budget and resource management.
10. Select methods to evaluate public health programs.
11. Discuss multiple dimensions of the policy-making process, including the roles of ethics and evidence.
13. Advocate for political, social, or economic policies and programs that will improve health in diverse populations.
14. Evaluate policies for their impact on public health and health equity.

assigned determinant of health,Nutrition