THEA 200 USCC Understanding and Appreciation of Theatre Questions

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THEA 200, Fall, 2020


Short Answer:

1.) A modern art exhibit, classical music in the park, and the ballet are examples of what type of “culture”?

2.) You are sitting in the theatre, waiting for the performance to begin. The lights go down and gun shots, screams, and police sirens are heard. The lights come up and you see someone run across the stage and hide.Immediately you suspect him of committing a crime. What are you experiencing as an audience member?

3.) One of the major themes in Hamlet is suicide. Which of the methods of organizing dramatic action addresses theme?

4.) Rising action and falling action are a part of what type of plot structure?

5.) Describe the climax of a play?

6.) Playwrights develop characters on four levels: physical, social, psychological, and moral. How does the playwright reveal the character in the play? How are these levels presented to the reader and the audience?

7.) Sumter Little Theatre is a non-profit community theatre. How does a non-profit organization function? How doe non-profits raise money?

8.) Who does the historical research a play and is available during rehearsals to provide information to the director, actors, and the designers?

9.) In contemporary theatre. which artist is most removed from the play production process? Why?

10.) When the production opens, the director leaves. Who takes over? What is this person responsible for? How long has this person been with the production?