The Trumps Drafts Executive Order Targeting Social Media Analysis


A critical analysis of a topic related to U.S. Government

The paper is to be a critical analysis of a topic related to U.S. Government including, but not limited to, any one of the following topics: Voting, Media, Political Parties, Public Opinion, Interests Groups, our Democratic System or our Political System using a U.S. Government topic.

Critical analysis is not criticizing something with which you do not agree. Many of you are engaging in critiques or criticisms, not critical analysis. You are starting with a premise of your own beliefs. Critical analysis requires an objective open mind and analyzes things based on facts and evidence. Do we have all the facts and evidence in order to make an informed conclusion? If you are truly engaging in critical analysis, then you will discover your own biases and prejudices. You have to play devil’s advocate with yourself and your own thinking as well. Know where you are coming from so that you can work past your own prejudices and beliefs and opinions. Be open to alternative viewpoints. Examine alternative viewpoints. Everyone has their own prejudices, beliefs and opinions and everyone is entitled to their own prejudices, beliefs and opinions.