TCC Modelling Weather Forecast Worksheet


Create a word document with a title page for project.

2) Find the weather forecast for 7days for hometown or a location of your choice online and copy and paste this information with a date stamp on it as the second page of your project. Clearly show where you found the information as well as what town your forecast is for.

3) Open up an excel file and create a table for the high temperature for your location. In your table, the first column should represent the days of the week and the second column representing the high temperature for the day.

Please start working early with this project which is due next Sunday.

4) In Excel, create a scatter plot of the data for your weather forecast.

5) Label each scatter plot clearly.

6) Insert axes, axes titles, gridlines, and lastly a trend line. Excel uses high-level mathematical tools to determine the equation of the Trendline. Your job is to interpret this best model.

7) Create a graph for each different type of Trendline that Excel can insert: exponential, linear, logarithmic, or a polynomial of a degree of your choice. Please note that this will require you to do a Custom Trendline. Please make sure you display the equation of the Trendline so it is easy to read.

8) Once you completed the above Scatter plots, copy and paste them each into the Word document you created for the project.

9) Explain after each graph whether the Trendline is a good model/fit of the weather forecast. After you compare all the Trendlines, decide which would be the best of all of them and explain why you conclude this.

10) Can you predict the weather for the next two days based on the Trendline you chose in part 9? Is this a reasonable prediction?