SOC 1011 Colorado State University Development of Race & Ethnicity Discussion


Our Discussion Board this week focuses on material covering the development of race and ethnicity as social and cultural ideas and includes the article by noted blogger, editor, professor, scholar, and journalist, Ta-Nehisi Coates in his bold and long-overdue analysis of the case for reparations in America. Please review the course material this week in the order it’s presented to you, with the Prezi Presentation, “Race: An Illusion with Consequences (Links to an external site.)” last (there are associated film clips and two short films included in the presentation).

Once you’ve had a chance to review everything, sit with it for a day or two. This is heavy material, no matter your race, ethnicity, age, or your knowledge of the history of race in America. It’s a challenge to all of us and deserves not only your undivided and undistracted attention, but it also deserves time. Spend some quiet time with this information, alone if you can, and maybe write in a journal for yourself.

For this discussion forum, respond to three of the following questions, plus number ten for a total of four questions. This does not need to be an essay, but if you choose to write it as such, bold the questions where you’re answering them. Otherwise, just answer each one and number them accordingly. You do not need to answer them in order.

  1. What does Coates mean by “moral debt”?
  2. Why does homeownership differ so dramatically between Whites and Blacks?
  3. Who is Clyde Ross and why is he significant to the Coates’ article and story?
  4. Why does he think we all have a debt, “as Americans”?
  5. What effect did redlining have on Blacks and how is it still felt today?
  6. Why is “A Girl Like Me” significant in understanding the history of race in America?
  7. Who is Takao Ozawa and why is his significant to the development of “White” as a legal, racial category? What did his case ultimately do?
  8. What is meant by the title of the presentation, “Race: An Illusion with Consequences”?
  9. What are the key differences between Science and Society in the definition of Race?
  10. What can you do to push the conversation about race forward? What is your personal role?