SOC 101 Global University Social Science Discussion


Topic of this week discussion is groups and organizations. In order to fully understand the dynamics of a group (from 2 persons up) watch this video first: (Links to an external site.)

Q 1. Explain these concept sin your own words:

-Formal and informal groups

– Bureaucracies

– McDonaldization of society

– Irrationality of rationality (Weber argues that large organizations or bureaucracies are based on a rational calculation of profits. But what is the critique of that?

Q 2. Study your textbook and explain the types of leadership.


After studying your textbook and explaining the types of leadership, argue which type of leadership is more appropriate for what type of task or organization.

For example, can we apply a democratic leadership in the military?

Note: i need answer for Q. 1 ,2 for three to four pages. ApA format.

and answer for Q.3 is only 300 to 400 words.