SNHU Applied Mathematics & Differential Equation Discussion


The past few modules introduced various ways to solve a differential equation, separation of variables, integrating factor, and exact equations…in particular algebraic manipulation and both differentiation and integration, to solve these equations.

How do these skills translate to differential equations? In a general sense, explain how algebra, differentiation, and integration skills are necessary to classify and solve first-order ODEs. Include an example in your explanation.

In responding to your classmates’ two posts, provide an example of how you used a skill learned in a previous mathematics course to help you understand something new.

Peer 1 post: Algebraic manipulation, differentiation and integration are extremely beneficial and necessary tools to solve these equations. Algebra allows us to simplify complex problems to obtain a solution in a quick and effective manner, these skills have been taught to us since early middle school and grown throughout our years of education. In each and every math class I have taken, we have had to use our previously learned calculation skills to be able to solve the next level problems. This is especially true in this class where we have to use our differentiation and integration skills to classify and obtain solutions to 1st Order ODEs. For example, for #4 on our most recent quiz you need to differentiate and integrate to classify and obtain the final solution and to also verify your answer as shown below in the attachment.

Peer 2 post: Well this has been a difficult thing for me but once I got the hang it I was good like they say, its like riding a bike. I have to thank the instructor and peer for their suggestions because I was looking at all the problems harder then what they really were. Once you see that the problems aren’t harmful you start enjoying them. What I learned is that formulas are the key to any problem if you don’t understand the concept is hard to do the problem. So this goes back to Algebra where they start throwing a lot of formulas in your face not knowing you will use them in the future. So in this course you need to have a good grip on the formulas, derivative and antiderivative rules because as far as I can see this are going to be strong in the course. Now I just hope it stay that way.