SDSU Enterprise Resource Planning Software Application Evaluation 3 Parts Project


APA format is REQUIRED. This includes a MINIMUM of three academically acceptable references and the expectation of correctly used “in-text” citations.

This project requires you to conduct research and evaluate an ERP application software and how it interacts with / relates to the Database Management System (DBMS). ERP applications include a class of systems that support decisions on an enterprise-wide basis through supporting specific functions (e.g., supply chain and marketing) or through umbrella application software comprised of specific modules for the different functions within an organization (e.g., SAP software). This project is comprised of the following parts:

  • Part I: Software Application Evaluation
    • What is ERP? What is DBMS?
    • What are the characteristics of ERP and DBMS?
    • What functions do they support?
    • Why use them at all?
  • Part II: Software Application Analysis
    • How do ERP and DBMS relate?
  • Part III: Bring a real-world case ERP developed using DBMS standards.