Santa Monica College Life in Quarantine Discussion


Use at least 5 sentences to express your thoughts for potential full credit.

COVID-19, as we are all aware, is caused by the new coronavirus. We will start this week by covering microbiology and we will include viruses in our lecture. Viruses, however, are not made up of cells and are unable to carry out their own metabolic processes. They are, therefore, not considered a living organism.

As the world stays home — or starts to cautiously leave it — many health agencies are looking for a vaccine that would protect us against the new coronavirus.

Discuss how life has changed for you since the virus became a world threat (limit this part of the discussion only to what you are comfortable sharing).

Secondly, discuss how you think the world will change in comparison to life pre-COVID-19 (or if you think it will change at all) once we are free from the pandemic. Do you think we will keep some of what we were forced to learn during the lockdown? Do you think life will go back to “normal” (as we knew it before)? Is there anything about the lockdown that you have appreciated and that you would wish to keep as we move forward?