Saint Cloud Technical College Food System and Conflict Theory Questions

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Need help with my Sociology question – I’m studying for my class.

The book is called, The Omnivores Dillema written by Michael pollan. here are the questions

Please tell me the role that corn plays in our food system.When did we begin incorporating so much corn into our diet and why?What are your thoughts on the subject?

  • What is life like for the average farm animal in the United States?Explain, step by step, what the life of a cow looks like.Where do they live, how long? What do they eat, how are they treated? What are the consequences for humans?
  • Please explain to me what CONFLICT theory would say about our current food system and what would SYMBOLIC INTERACTIONISTS say on the same topic? What about FUNCTIONALISTS?
  • Please explain the difference between processed food and whole foods.Which of these do Americans consume the most and why? What are the reasons that food companies process food? 
  • What part do Antibiotics play in our food system? Why should we be concerned with the use of Antibiotics and what are the consequences for humans? What can be done about it and what roadblocks stand in the way?