Richland College Project Management Discussion


there are 6 questions, answers is already provided. i just need to explain why i choose that answer. i have to provide reason to choose that answer.

This assignment is about which option did I pick and why I picked that option? Please provide reason/opinion why you choose that option for your answers. You can use any references like google or Book name which is provided below.


A project manager is overseeing a complex custom CSM solution that has rigorous quality standards and tight schedule constraints. Since the project manager is working in a weak matrix environment, none of the resources are reporting to her functionally. She also does not have either the power or the budget to reward the team members to encourage and motivate them for their performance and contribution to the project. What kind of power should the project manager try to use in this type of situation?

A. Formal B. Punishment C. Referent D. Expert

I Picked C. Referent


You are a project manager, and you are working with your sponsor to define and plan a complex project. You plan to complete your initiation and planning documents sequentially to make sure the organization understands and supports the project. What key deliverables will you produce in the correct order?

A. Project management plan, project charter project scope statement B. Project charter, requirements documentation, project scope statement C. Project charter, project scope statement, requirements documentation D. Project management plan, requirements documentation, project charter

I picked C. Project charter, project scope statement, requirements documentation


A company has ten vendors on their list of qualified suppliers. However, rather than go out for competitive bidding, the company selects one of the vendors and awards them the contract. This is an example of ________.


A violation of standard procurement practices


Single source procurement


Preferred procurement


Exclusive contract

I picked C Preferred procurement

14) Project-wide application of the configuration management system accomplishes three main objectives. Which of the following is not one of these objectives?

A. Provides opportunities to continuously validate and improve the project by considering the impact of each change B. Establishes an evolutionary method to consistently identify and request changes to established baselines

C. Provides a documented process to enable the assessment of requested changes to the project

D. Provides a mechanism for the project management team to consistently communicate all approved and rejected changes to the stakeholders

I picked D. Provides a mechanism for the project management team to consistently communicate all approved and rejected changes to the stakeholders


You are a project manager and senior management recently came to you with a request to help them with a bid for a new project. Management has asked you to help select right bid while doing anything you can to protect the company from any financial risks. You are not aware of all the details; you have very limited exposure and limited scope definition. What is the likely best contract for this situation?


Time and Material (T&M)


Fixed Price (FP)


Cost Plus Fixed Fee (CPFF)


Cost Plus Percent of Cost (CPPC)

I picked D. Cost plus percent of cost (cppc)


As part of your analysis of stakeholder engagement, you have classified each stakeholder as either being unaware, resistant, neutral, supportive, or leading when it comes to the level of their engagement with the project. This is an example of what sort of technique?


Analytical techniques


Information gathering techniques


Stakeholder analysis


Expert judgment

I picked C. Stakeholder analysis

Question 11:

After completing most of your project management plan, your project sponsor is so impressed that she comments, “with this level of planning and detail, we know exactly where the project will be nine months from now.” what is the best response you should give to the sponsor?

  • That’s correct. Good planning gives us precise knowledge about how our project will preform. B.
  • Projects seldom run exactly according to the project management plan, which is why we have the integrated change control process.
  • There are exactly the type of results that are achieved through professional project management as defined in the PMBOK Guide.
  • Projects that are planned and scheduled using the Critical Chain method will completely eliminate any possible change.

What option do you choose and why? You have to provide some view that how it is little bit tricky question to you> only for this question.


TEXTBOOK(S) AND REQUIRED MATERIALS: MGT4495 Project Management Foundations

Title: A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge: PMBOK Guide

Author: Project Management Institute, Inc.

Publisher: Project Management Institute, Inc.

Year Published: 2017 Edition: 6th ISBN: 13: 9781628251845