PHI 210 Strayer University Week 10 Philosophy Discussion


Week 10 Discussion Attachment

Reflect on the Process

Throughout this term, we’ve strived to expand your personal thought processes. Using the week 10 sections of the WebText as your guide, how do you intend on altering your approach to problem solving in the future?

If you could select one (1) aspect that you encountered over this term, what would you tell a future PHI210 (Critical Thinking) student is the most important aspect of this course? Why did you select that aspect of the course?


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RE: Week 10 Discussion

Good day, all-

I hope you have enjoyed this class as much as I have. I intend on altering your approach to problem-solving in the future by looking at the bigger picture in regard to the problem. I will ask myself, how credible is the claim, how credible is the source? I will look for innuendos and emotive language. I will no longer be so quick to think I have found a solution. Through more research, I may find that there is a better solution.

I would tell a future PHI210 student to have an open mind and not be set on thinking that what they have learned in the past and the beliefs they may have acquired were the only right ones. I selected that aspect because life is an ever-changing process and we are constantly learning and we must be open to new avenues of thought and ways to do things. We must not be so quick to judge or to believe unless we do more research because if someone believes in something, of course, they are going to try to sway you to their way of thinking.

Good luck on the rest of your educational journey & stay safe!