PCC Acid Base Titrations Lab Chemistry


I have attached the lab experiment down below and 3 question here need to be answer

this video comes along for this assigenment

Describe how you would make up 500. mL of 0.2500 M NaOH solution using glassware we’ve encountered in the early labs and as much 5.095 M NaOH stock solution as you need. You answer should be a step by step list of instructions that I could follow in the lab in order to get the desired result.

Unrelated Example

1. Weigh out 3.05 g of KBr on the milligram balance

2. Transfer the KBr into a graduated cylinder. etc.

Lab Procedure

Place 16 mL of 6 M NaOH solution into your 500 mL bottle. Add distilled water to fill the bottle to the shoulder. Stopper the bottle and mix the contents thoroughly.

Read Part 1 in the procedure above. Why is it important to titrate the NaOH solution that we make in the 500 mL bottle? Hint: Consider the significant figures on your concentration.

If we consider titrating a solution of Ba(OH)2 with HCl, what is the balanced chemical reaction occurring when we do the titration?