olorado Technical University Program Design and Development Discusssion


Response Guidelines

Read the posts of the other learners and respond to the initial post of at least one. Provide a critique of the goals and objectives the learner posted. Are they reasonable? Are there ways they could be improved? Provide at least one specific recommendation for improving the goals and objectives.

Student post down below:

The creation of any program or event requires a specific goal and objective. Goals and objective help to align consumers with the vision and mission of the organization. Kettner, Moroney, & Martin (2018) defines goals as the expectations of the organization that should be carried out. While objectives should be clear, measurable and realistic. It is always important to include an estimated time period of when the organization seeks accomplish its goals.


Outcome Objectives

To increase the value of education among Ruby Lake students, primarily Hispanic students. The

During the next fiscal school year there would be an increase of attendance among Hispanic students. There will be a 10% increase amongst students grade average.

To provide education and support to parents of students who are struggling or absent from school.

During the next fiscal year there will be an increased of parental involvement within the school system.