OCC The Political Approach to Policy Development Discussion


While we prescribed the Rational Planning Approach as the “scientific” way to analyze and construct social policy, we acknowledged that the Political Approach is the dominate form of decision making. Describe the 3 key elements of the Political Approach to Policy Development. 

  • Agenda-setting
  • Budgeting
  • Administration
  • In class, we discussed, and in her text book chapter DiNitto explained several ways to describe the causes of poverty, i.e. “poverty as Lack of Human Capital, Structure, Culture and Exploitation.” Describe, in full, each of these four causes of poverty. Be sure to use DiNitto’s terminology. 
    • Poverty as Lack of Human Capital
    • Poverty as structure
    • Poverty as Culture
    • Poverty as Exploitation
  • Axinn and Stern in their book Social Welfare:A History of the American Response to Need (the relevant chapter can be found on D2L) describe, in some detail, 4 Views that influence the development of public policies that address social problems.Describe each of those 4 views with a particular emphasis on the way in which each view may influence policy development.