Natural Selection and Adaptations Comic Strip Storyboard Square


Natural Selection and Adaptations Comic Strip Example (StoryboardThat)Links to an external site.


To show your understanding of natural selection and evolution.


  • Create a 5-10 square comic strip/ storyboard using Google Slides, MakeBeliefComixLinks to an external site., StoryboardTHATLinks to an external site., paper/pencil, or another teacher-approved tool that shows how natural selection and evolution can occur in a population of organisms.
    • The organisms can be real or ones that you create, but you cannot use beak size as your trait or any of the examples given below.
    • If using Google Slides, each slide is one comic/ storyboard square.
  • Use chat bubbles and captions to explain what is happening in each scene/square.
  • All the principles of natural selection must be present in your comic strip.
    • The principle of natural selection are
      • Organisms produce more offspring than can survive.
      • Differences or variations occur among individuals of a species.
      • Variations can be passed to offspring.
      • Some variations are helpful. Individuals with helpful variations survive and reproduce better than those individuals without these variations.
      • Overtime, the offspring with helpful variations make up more of the population and may eventually become a separate species.
  • You can choose any variation of your choice. Some examples of variations that you can use are.
    • Giraffe (neck)
    • Elephant (trunk)
    • Bird (Wing length)
    • Fish (camouflage)
    • Tree (height)
    • Flower (color or size)
  • Cite any information you used to create your comic strip, including pictures you searched on the internet.
    • Example = Author’s Last, First Name, “Title of Article/Name of Image” – Website Link

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