MGT 2320 University of South Florida Algebra Questionnaire


The purpose of this assignment is three-fold:

  1. To help you become familiar with the resources available to you in MyStatLab
  2. To give you practice with the statistical software we will be using to support our work this semester.
  3. To review some content from your pre-requisite course (STAT1430).

This assignment accounts for 6% of your course grade. In addition to the value it contributes to your course grade, successful completion will undoubtedly result in improved performance on other assessments including (but not limited to) tests, group cases, and bonus homework.

This assignment is designated CO (collaboration optional). You are permitted to discuss the assignment with other students in the course, but all submitted work must be your original and individual creation.

Submit your completed Assignment Template.pdf here. (Assignment > Practical Exercises > BM2320: Technology Assignment) You are only allowed 1 submission, so be sure your assignment is in final form prior to uploading it to Carmen.

Please see the Technology Assignment content page in the “Practical Exercises” module for additional details regarding this assignment and to access the instructions, data, and submission template.