Mendelian Genetics Questionnaire


1. Enzymes make reactions go____________by ________________ the activation energy of the reaction.


slower: raising

faster: lowering

slower: lowering

2. All of the following are examples of potential energy EXCEPT

Group of answer choices

an inflated balloon.

a donut.

a gram of uranium 235.

a rock at the top of a hill.


3. Competitive inhibitors of a reaction bind to the

Group of answer choices

active site of an enzyme.

the substrate.

allosteric site of an enzyme.

the active site of the substrate.

the reaction site of an enzyme.

4.Which of the following is a true statement?

Group of answer choices

Catabolic reactions release energy.

Catabolic reactions are endergonic.

Catabolic reactions require energy.

Anabolic reactions are exergonic.