MCC Walmart Retail Reconnaissance Worksheet


Thinking about your Retail Reconnaissance choice retailer and one of their locations that you have visited in the past, answer the following questions:

  1. Give the address or intersection of the location you visited.
  2. At what type of location is it located (freestanding, lifestyle center, enclosed shopping mall, etc.)?
  3. Is this type of location typical for the retailer’s other units (that you are aware of)? If not, what is the typical location or does it vary?
  4. Is this location near its competitors? If so, which ones?       
  5. Thinking about the characteristics of this specific location, describe (in detail) the following:
    • One pro (or advantage) to this site.  Why is is an advantage?
    • One con (or disadvantage) to this site.  Why is it a disadvantage?