MCC The Formation of Contracts Offer and Acceptance Discussion


Please read about “E-Commerce & Cyberlaw – Contact Formation on the Internet” campaign in your textbook and share your thoughts on electronic consent to contracts on the online discussion board.

When signing up for a service, downloading content, or conducting other tasks on the Internet, do you typically read any portion of the service provider’s agreement before clicking “Yes” to indicate that you agree to its terms and/or give your consent to the web site owner? Why or why not? Does the type of service or content you are requesting (i.e. downloading music versus opening an online bank account) determine whether or not you are likely to read these? Do you generally view these on-line agreements to be as binding as those that you agree to and physically sign off-line? Explain.  

What is the distinction between offer, acceptance, and capacity?  Are any of these elements lacking when one enters into contracts on the internet?