MCC Outlook for Accounting Industry for Over the Next 5 Years Research Paper


Primary research is research that you, yourself have conducted. For your business report you will be required to conduct both secondary and primary research. Upon completion of this assignment you will have the primary research questions for your Written Business Report.


As part of your primary research, you will conduct an interview with one person. It can be someone in the field, a professor that teaches the area, or someone currently doing the job. I suggest interviewing via email so you can copy/paste the answers in the appendix of your paper. This will also allow you to easily do in-text citations.

Once you have done the interview, you will take the results from the interview and use them in both your paper and presentation. In your paper you can use them as quotes and will create a graph/chart of the findings (one graph chart is required, but you can do more if you choose). In your Business Report presentation in Week 6 you will give the highlights of your primary research – Student Video Example (Links to an external site).

SAMPLE QUESTIONS for Interview (these should be put into your own words if you use them, and you will need to create an additional question to have the required 10):

  1. What type of degree do you think I need for this field? Why?
  2. Where should I go to school for this degree? Why?
  3. Are there any certifications/training that I should consider?
  4. Are there any certifications that are required for this field?
  5. Where do you see the job opportunities in this field over the next five years? (industries or job titles)
  6. In your opinion, what are the advantages/disadvantages of working in this field?
  7. If I was your relative, would you recommend that I go into this field? Why/Why not?
  8. What should I be doing right now to enhance my skills to get a job in this field?
  9. ** Based on 100 percent being the total, what are the main tasks and associated percentage you are involved with on a daily basis. A minimum of three quadrants are required for the graph. ** Required question
  10. Create your own question based on what you want to know.

I encourage you all to do an interview, but you can also do a SURVEY. If you decide to do a survey you will need 10 questions with a minimum of three types of survey questions (not all True/False, or all multiple choice). When creating your questions remember that you will use the results to create a pie, line or bar chart for your report. Review Chapter 12, page 372 and consider using an online survey tool (not required, but encouraged):,, and