MCC Cows on A Seaweed Diet and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Discussion

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This article describes some active science regarding a topic from this unit. Read the article and answer these questions:

  1. How much of anthropogenic (human-activity-related) global greenhouse gas emissions comes from livestock?
  2. Technically, the cows themselves do not produce methane. What does? Where does this occur in the cow?
  3. This experiment took place over 21 weeks and follows a previous study, which took place over 2 weeks. What concern led the scientists to extend the time of the second study?
  4. By how much was methane production reduced for the beef cows at the finishing diet stage (with the highest amount of seaweed supplementation)?
  5. How much food did the cows in the treatment group eat compared to cows in the control group? (More, the same, or less). Why is this a concern?
  6. Not everyone who would like to reduce meat and dairy consumption is able to do so. What are two reasons mentioned in the article?