It’s My Day Off and Ermo Film Comparison Discussion


First, your paper must be comparative; namely, choose to compare 2of these films: Plunder of Peach and Plum, It’s My Day Off, Ermo, and Suzhou River. You may focus on a similar theme, a shared critical problem, or a combination of some of them.Second, your paper must be researched; namely, citing what critics have said about the directors and/or films you are discussing and indicating how you respond to their interpretations. You must use at least 4 print sources assigned in the syllabus. Each article in an edited book counts as one source, but merely listing sources without incorporating them in analysis does not make your paper a researched one.Third, your paper must be critical; namely, examining texts in detailand engaging different arguments in relation to the issues you are addressing. This also means that you have to maintain your ownline of arguments while moving between primary and secondary sources. A summary of narrative plot or biographic information is descriptive rather than critical.