HUM 101 CSU Global Contributing Factors Towards the Wage Gap Discussions


Investigating Fair-Mindedness and the Intellectual Standards in Critical Thinking

Paul and Elder (2013) argue that critical thinking includes fair-mindedness, intellectual standards, the elements of reason, and Socratic questioning. They also present an interactive model of the Standards of Thinking and Elements of reasoning at this link which should be very useful to the discussions:org/ctmodel/logic-model1.htm” rel=”noreferrer noopener” target=”_blank”> (Links to an external site.)

Choose from one of the two options below to answer as part of your initial post for this discussion. Be sure to first include with your response the question you are addressing and then your response, as you address both questions within your initial post.

Option 1

Option 2

  • Paul and Elder (2013) argued that the elements of reason are a central part of understanding the “how” and “why” of one’s thinking. Which of these elements do you need to explore in more depth?
  • Give an example where Socratic questioning could help you improve critical thinking in your personal or professional life. What questions could you ask to improve your thinking (Paul & Elder, 2008)? 

2. Module 1 Milestone Directions:

Critical Thinking Topic (ONLY 3 paragraphs)

Submit a three-paragraph overview of your critical thinking topic that addresses the following: We are going to choose the pay gap between men and women. We are going to come from the place that I am a 42 year old female and I have had a successful career in sales for 25 years. My last job I was recommended for by the man leaving the position. I was offered the job but I also knew what he was making for the role and I was offered $20k less. SO come from that perspective. 

  1. What is your topic?
  2. Why is this topic of interest to you?
  3. What critical questions do you have on this topic?
  4. How might you narrow your topic to think more clearly and carefully about issues related to your topic?