HIST 1302 Collin County Community College American History Paper


For the final paper for this course students will need to follow the instructions below in
accordance with the formatting guidelines provided below. There is also a sample outline
attached to assist with completing this paper. Additionally, a copy of the grading rubric is also
attached. Please keep in mind that this is worth 20% of your final grade. Be sure to present
your best possible work as this could make or break your final grade for this course.
For this Paper:
*Develop a research question that ties together the primary and secondary information
encountered during the semester. This question will form the basis of your thesis and
your paper will seek to answer this question.
*Select at least three primary sources from this course that will assist you in addressing
your research question. Final papers must cite at least three of the sources assigned.
*Use any secondary source information encountered in the class to flesh out the details
of your paper.
*Remember, the goal is to write a cohesive paper. Make the primary and secondary
sources communicate with each other to draw a large conclusion.
Paper requirements and formatting guidelines:
• Each paper should be a least four full pages in length. This means completely to the
bottom of the page with correct formatting. There will be a letter grade deduction
(10 points) for papers that do not meet this minimum length requirement.
• Include your name, course ID including course and section number (refer to your
syllabus for this information), the date, and, most importantly, your CWID in your
header. This should be single spaced and placed in the right-hand corner of your
header. If this information is not single spaced and placed in the header of the
paper, there will be a letter grade deduction (10 points). As an example:
Your name Thomas Pickens
The course information HIST 2301.PY1 (Use your correct course
Date May 1, 2019
CWID XXXXXXXXXX (Use your actual number here)
• Begin the paper on the first line of the page, do not space down for this.
• No title is necessary, do not include one.
• Use 1-inch margins all around.
• Font should be either Calibri 11pt or Arial 11pt.
• Except for your header, the paper should be double-spaced. There should be no
extra spacing between paragraphs. For some programs this is default. In word, right
click on the paper, select paragraph, and set before/after to zero.
• Remember that correct composition, grammar, punct