HHS The Communication of The Students Grades and Bonus Reward Analysis


Please watch the Excel tutorial video:

Excel tutorial for beginners

Using the Excel spread sheet attached (“Students grades.xlsx”), create a separate worksheet for each of the following tasks (keep the original file unchanged and work on the new worksheet created from the original):

1 – Create a new column and display the Final grade in letters, using a formula:

A (90%-100%)

B (80% – 89%)

C (70% – 79%)

D (60% -69%)

F (0% – 59%)

2 – Create a new column and add a bonus reward of $200 for those students that have A or B and $50 for C and D students. There is $0 bonus for F students. Try using a Bonus formula.

3 – After applying the bonus, display the Total bonus amount received by the class using the “SUM” function.

4 – Calculate the Average class grade percentage using the “AVE” function.

5 – Created a new worksheet and group students descending by their Final Grade (start with A students, than B students, etc).

6 – Create a graph that displays how many A students, B students, … F students are in the class.

7 – Create and select a table style for the next work sheet.

8 – Use a Quick analysis on your work sheet.

9 – Create a pivot table of your choice.