Grand Canyon University Health Care Teams Discussion

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According to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (2011) research has indicated that interprofessional collaboration can vastly improve communication and coordination between health care teams and with that quality of care and patient safety is impacted and shows positive outcomes. Without collaboration teams cannot function sufficiently, patient care is not coordinated and ultimately errors occur. Evidence has proven that by assigning teams of providers to coordinate patient care helps to reduce medical errors and this will also improve quality and provide high quality patient-centered care. One emerging trend is the need to redesign health care education and integrate interprofessional collaboration into training. Equipping new nurses with collaborative skills require for today’s complex health care environment is imperative for their success. Best practices suggest that Interprofessional education (IPE) are not at this time well define and there are inconsistencies in how the IPE activities are conceptualized, implemented, assessed, and reported. To ensure our future nurses are able to engage in much needed interprofessional collaboration IPE must be instituted into the curriculum. (Blakeney, 2012)