Excelsior College Mathematics Future of Cars Graphing Questions

Question Description

I’m working on a algebra multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

The problem you must solve is:

1. Refer to this report about the future of cars

2. In your own words, and in complete sentences, answer the following questions:

a. How many states considered or are considering legislation to allow self- driving cars?

b. Approximately how many traffic fatalities were there in total in 1973? In
2010? How many fatalities were there per 100 million miles traveled in each of those years?

In which age groups did the percentage of licensed drivers increase between 1982 and 2012? Approximately how many percentage points did each age group increase?

c. In which year were motor vehicle fatalities the highest?

  1. In which year(s) was there approximately 4 fatalities for each 100 million milestraveled?
  2. Approximately how many fatalities were there in the 90’s? How many fatalitiesper 100 million miles traveled?

3. Describe anything that makes the graphs hard to read. What would you do differently?

4. State 3 additional pieces of information that you can read from these data displays.

**Don’t just list your answers! Remember to show and describe your work.

Discuss how you got your answers from each graph or chart. For example: Was

there a legend to follow? A scale you had to read and convert? How did you

identify your answer from the chart.