EHS Space Probe Items Questions

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What would you put on a space probe?

Having recently returned from Mars, your next assignment is to help develop a space probe that will go out in search of extra terrestrial life (aliens, in other words!). Your job is to decide what sorts of items should be included on that probe that gives the aliens some idea of what Earth (and its people) are like. Pick five things that you would include (which could all fit in the backseat of a car, for example) on that space probe, and explain why you’d include those things.

Again – give this some thought. You might think “I’d include Shakespeare’s collected works!” Can the aliens read any of our languages? Maybe you want to include an iPad with all kinds of pictures, and sounds – can the aliens charge it? Do they have a USB connector? It’s not so easy to think about these kinds of things, so do your best!