Effat University Artistic Merits of Cosmas Damian Questions


i have a homework about an architect called (Cosmas Damian)

Part one

The home work is like i’m having an interview with this architect it should be in GERMAN

to ask him a questions and answers

– Hello, how are you

hello im fine how are you

-i’m fine thank you

-what is your name ?

my name is Cosmas Damian

where are you from ?

i’m from .. wherever this architect from

where do you live?

i live in…

-what languages do you speak

i speak..

what do you work ?

architect painter

what is your favorite building, painting ?

my fav building or painting is …

-what is your hobby?

my hobby is ..

( These questions must be answered with german and then use the answeres as talking about this person on another page for example his name is.. he lives in his hobby is he speaks.. and so on in GERMAN)

Part 2..

What is my motivation for this person / topic

what information did i expect to find before doing the research

did the information i found match ? any surprise stereotypes found ?

how would i present this topic if we were able to organize a german cultural day ?how would you raise interest on your topic and make public curious to know more

step two is not an interview it it related to me to be answered to in ENGLISH