Eastlake High School The US Real Estate Crisis of 2008 Paper


TOPIC: Has the housing crisis in the United States gotten any better since 2007 – 2008? During this time it was thought the government was not doing enough to help Americans whose homes were set for foreclosure and unfair mortgage rates. Has the government done enough since then?

(Helpful Hint: Watch the movie The Big Short before you start the research)

Your 10 paged double-space report should include the following:

A description of the housing crisis of 2007-2008 including the factors that led to it specifically the low mortgage rates, risky loans, unregulated derivative markets and the creativity of some folks on Wall Street

Who was the driving force behind the crisis?

Where there any warning signs? And what was done about it?

What was the government repose to the crisis?

  1. What lessons did we learn, and is there another housing crisis looming now?