Community College of Philadelphia Ethics and Relativism Reflection

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Wenz reports that the Kerrigan and Mock lawsuit contends that “Connecticut’s constitution implies a right to same-sex marriage“. How is that possible? Certainly no one would claim that the constitution implies a right to brother/sister marriage, (would they?)

The Range of Relativism, Revisited

To what extent do the accounts of MacIntyre, Bellah et al., and Newton support a generalized relativism i.e. a relativism that spreads always and everywhere?


Why is so much of the debate over multiculturalism concerned with the literary canon, with ethics, with religion? Why is so little of it concerned with science, with engineering?


In commenting globally on what they make of the “Brian Palmer” case study, the authors of Habits of the Heart say the following:

”Despite the combination of tenderness and admiration he expresses for his wife, the genuine devotion he seems to feel for his children, and his own resilient self-confidence, Brian’s justification of his life thus rests on a fragile foundation. Morally, his life appears much more coherent than when he was dominated by careerism, but, to hear him talk, even his deepest impulses of attachment to others are without any more solid foundation than his momentary desires. He lacks a language to explain what seem to be the real commitments that define his life, and to that extent the commitments themselves are precarious.”

So Brian is cast as a certain kind of relativist. Interestingly, Margaret, Joe, and Wayne are also supposed to be somehow caught up in relativism. Well, Margaret certainly. But Joe and Wayne?