Columbia University Kinetic and Static Friction Coefficients Worksheet


Look at each animation,write a few sentences about the physics of what you answer the related questions.Let’s

say,for the sake of counting completion,that you need a minimum of 5 sentences to describe each case.

Hint:Read hints.


Explain to Harry Potter why the brooms are being used as shown in the video.What would be different if the players did

not sweep at all.

Hint:If you sweep fast enough,you can still generate some heat from the friction even though the coefficient of

friction on ice is very small.


Why is it that the motorcyclists angle their bikes as such?What exactly would happen if the bike had too small of an angle

relative to the ground?What about too large of an angle?

Hint:They are cornering.We can also assume that the tires have enough friction so that they do not slide out.


Explain what’s happening here.If the car moved slow enough,can this still happen?Why or why not?How else can we

prevent this fror happening?

Hint:Think about kinetic and static friction coefficients.