College Strategic Career Paper


Having a personal strategy can increase your odds of
achieving success (however defined) in your life. This does not mean
your life will play out as you plan but rather that you can and should
have an active role in creating and shaping opportunities available to
you. If you think about it, individuals are similar to firms in that
that they both:

1. Possess unique resources and capabilities

2. Face constraints (e.g., limited time, energy, social capital, etc.)

3. Can only capture value if value was originally created

as a firm’s success can result from external trends and luck but also
from their deliberate strategy, the same is true for personal success.
However, your personal strategy can be better or worse at preparing you
to capitalize on these trends or luck. This assignment asks you to
develop and communicate your personal strategy using concepts from the
class. Just like any firm, you’ll want to:

Understand the macro-environment and external trends that will
likely affect your success (e.g., trends in the industry you’ll be
working in, etc.)

Identify your resources and capabilities (discussing internal,
external, and dynamic (in)consistencies within yourself and with your

3. Utilize other course concepts (at least two)

For example, you could discuss the resource relatedness between
different aspects of your life, and explain how diversifying your
experiences actually creates more value in each aspect of your life than
would have been created individually.

deliverable has two components. The first component is a write-up of
your personal strategy. Please draw on the article on Blackboard “How
Will You Measure Your Life? for some elements that you will want to
include in your personal strategy. This portion should be approximately
two to three double spaced pages. The second component should be a
description of a day in your working and personal life if you have
assuming you have successful executed your personal strategy. Pick a
specific date in the future, at least five years from now, and write a
detailed description of your day. Think of this a visioning exercise.
The vision should have a future date on it – this is essential (it could
be a specific day or month, but it must have some date). It should be
written in the present tense though it describes a state in the future.
It should contain specifics and images (descriptions) of this future
state. This portion should be approximately two pages double spaced.

The Strategic Careers Paper will be evaluated out of 100 points as follows:

1) Required topics (25 points)

a) Did the writer clearly address the three points as mentioned in the description? (15 points)

b) Did the writer draw on some of the topics from the “How Will You Measure Your Life” article (10 points)

2) Use of Course Content (25 points)

Did the writer use course content and/or theoretical frameworks and
connect it directly to matters in the case or in the article(s)? (10

b) Did the writer use the course content and or theoretical frameworks correctly? (15 points)

3) Clarity and Technical Aspects (30 points)

a) Was it easy for the reader to see that case questions were answered? (5 points)

b) Was the document well written and clear? (10 points)

c) Was the document free of spelling errors, grammatical errors? (10 points).

When using materials outside of the case or the class did the author
provide a citation or link showing where they drew the evidence? (5

i) Any format for citation, – APA, MLA, Chicago, is acceptable.

ii) OWL/Purdue is a great resource for citations,

4) Fictional Future Day (20 points)

a) Did the writer put a future date on the writeup? (5 points)

b) Does this vision seem attainable? (not fantastical or wish fulfilment) (5 points)

c) Does this vision logically follow from the personal strategy statement?(5 points)

d) Does the writer provide specific details, images and descriptions of this future state? (5 points)