CNCC The Strategic Risk Management at The LEGO Group Analysis

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Mark L. Frigo (2012) “Strategic risk management at the LEGO Group”


Many have to focus on their enterprise risk management (ERM) programs on the basic key risk that can represent the deciding moment of an organization. This effort is being driven by demands from sheets and different partners and by the acknowledgment that a systematic approach is required and that it’s exceptionally significant to remember key risk the executives for ERM and to incorporate risk the board inside the texture of an association. A few organizations are at the cutting edge of this advancing development.

To comprehend risk the executives at the LEGO Group, you have to understand the organization’s methodology. This is reliable with the initial phase in creating strategic risk the board in an association: to comprehend the business system and the related dangers as portrayed in the Strategic Risk Assessment process. The LEGO Group has picked a system that depends on various development drivers. One is to build the piece of the overall industry in the United States. Numerous Americans may think they purchase a great deal of LEGO items, however they purchase just about 33% of what Germans purchase, for instance. In this manner there are potential development openings in the U.S. market.