CD 130 Cuyamaca College Policing to Participation Discussion


From Policing to Participation.pdf

Download or open the above article,”From Policing to Participation”.

With an open mind, read how three centers took a look at the rules and pedagogy of their own center. When we spend time with children, and feel like all we are doing is “Policing” them by enforcing rules all day. It will seem like all of our time and energy goes into correcting behavior and at the end of day we are exhausted and not feeling the true joy of being with children.

After reading the article, please reflect on your previous work with children. Think about those days when you felt like all you did was correct behavior and enforce rules. Would you ever consider a self reflection and examination of your environment to move yourself from “Policing to Participation”? What one rule bothers you the most? Explain how.