CC THE Influence of Personality on Emotional Expressions Presentation


Assignment Guidelines: To finish out the course, you will create a slide-show presentation on Adobe Spark. For the presentation, you will present an analysis of a film or television character exemplifying a concept covered in this course/textbook. Think of this project as an opportunity to teach someone something important about interpersonal communication! See yourself in the role of the instructor! Teach us!!!

Presentation Content: Presentations should be based on and explore ONE concept covered as part of the course but illustrated with an example not previously used in class or in the textbook. You will create a 4-6 minute slideshow as your online presentation.

As part of your presentation, you will be required to answer a few questions:

What is the concept? Identify and thoroughly define it for the class.

  • Connect the concept to a film or television character(s).

Introduce the character or characters to the class.