BUS302 California State Total Costs of Physician Visits vs Number of Employees Paper


*** I just need questions 2 & 3 from the word document to be answered.

*** The instructions are included in the powerpoint attachment.

***** For each question, there MUST be at least 1 – 1 1/2 pages.

Use the guidelines for writing a report on the course web site and use the following questions as a guide:

2) The weekly utilization data is provided in the Excel file on the class website. Create scatter plots to show the relationships between the following and explain the results:

  • The total cost of physician visits vs. # of employees
  • # of employees vs. # of visits
  • Total cost for physician visits vs. # of visits

3) For question # 2, calculate visits per employee and the cost per visit for each week. Calculate and interpret the mean, standard deviation, and coefficient of variation for these measures for the six-month period. Explain how these statistics are useful in understanding the trend in total outpatient physician costs per DigiTech Media employee.