Boston College Calculus Worksheet



1) Which of these measures are used to analyze the central tendency of data?

A) Mean and Normal Distribution

B) Mean, Median and Mode

C) Mode, Alpha & Range

D) Standard Deviation, Range and Mean

E) Median, Range and Normal Distribution

Five numbers are given: (5, 10, 15, 5, 15). Now, what would be the sum
of deviations of individual data points from their mean?

A) 10


C) 50

D) 0

E) None of the above

A test is administered annually. The test has a mean score of 150 and a
standard deviation of 20. If Ravi’s z-score is 1.50, what was his score
on the test?

A) 180
B) 130
C) 30
D) 150
E) None of the above

4) Which of the following measures of central tendency will always change if a single value in the data changes?

A) Mean

B) Median

C) Mode

D) All of these