Architectural History Essay


This assignment has FOUR Lectures. Use example buildings from each Lecture to answer their respective Focus Questions that are listed below.

Lecture 4.1: In English the word brutal means “savagely violent, punishingly hard” and in French it means “raw, crude”. How do these two very different definitions apply to the intention of Brutalist architecture and how does criticism of Brutalist architecture differ from its intended ideals? Use History Faculty Building, Cambridge, UK & Portrait Gallery/Museum of American Art, Washington DC” as an example of a building.

Lecture 4.2: What is the line between developing a personal style (uniqueness) and pursuing Post-modernism that uses previous historical style ? Use “Getty Center, Los Angeles CA & Vanna Venturi House, Chesnut Hill PA as an example of buildings.

Lecture 4.3: What is Deconstruction as an analytical technique and how can can it shape architecture? Use “CCTV, OMA, Beijing & Irish Prime Minister’s Residence, OMA, Dublin as an example of buildings.

Lecture 4.4: How does architectural education prepare architects to change and/or build communities? Use Mali National Park” as an example of building.