A1 Business and Technical College Silent Film Discussion


1. What comes to your mind when you think about “silent film”? What would you say makes silent film still important nowadays? (at least 80 words)

2. Choose one of the following posts to reply. (at least 30 words)

Post 1: When it comes to silent movies, my first impression is retro. As the beginning of the history of film development, silent films are very important to the development of the film industry. Because there are no lines, the director and screenwriter need a lot of work to make the film easy to understand. This also allows silent films to be more careful in the shooting of the lens, and we can see the technology of the silent film period in many films up to now.

Post 2: I thought of Chaplin and the old animations of Disney. The lively music matches the black and white picture. I think silent movies are still a good reference for filmmakers and actors to this day. Silent movies usually rely heavily on the actors’ body movements and facial expressions to let the audience know and understand the inner thoughts of the characters. The actors and filmmakers at the time must have spent a lot of energy to flesh out these details. These are all worth learning from the modern film industry.