Western Carolina University American History Essay

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Read President Barack Obama’s speech when he accepted the Nobel Peace Prize in December 2009 which is referenced in Chapter 2.

gov/the-press-office/remarks-president-acceptance-nobel-peace-prize” class=”external” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>https://obamawhitehouse.archives.gov/the-press-office/remarks-president-acceptance-nobel-peace-prize (Links to an external site.)

Discuss the places in this speech where you think President Obama used realism, liberalism, or constructivism. In general, do you believe President Obama adhered to any one of these three theories more than the others? Provide examples to illustrate your position.

Colorado Technical University Political Science Discussion



Why the Americans’ move for Independence is considered a Revolution?

What is the “American dream” all about? Was it affected by the Civil War?

What is the system of “checks and balances” in the USA? Is it working properly today?

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No 2 Question .

Is oligarchy inevitable in organizations? Does democracy has a cure for it? Provide examples.

What is it “living FOR politics” and “living OFF politics”? Please provide examples from your country.

What do political parties DO? Are they doing it well enough? Provide examples.

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Walden University Coming Out Sexual Orientation Discussion


Individuals who are coming out, or revealing their sexual and/or gender orientation to others, often feel very alone and isolated in their experiences, especially if they are not connected to a support network that is understanding and knowledgeable about the topic. This also can be true for the family members and close friends of individuals who are coming out, as they often face their own personal reactions to the coming out process as well.

In addition to the support they may receive through counseling during the coming out process, clients may benefit from connecting to local community resources designed to provide informational, emotional, and social support to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals and their families. As helping professionals, it is important to be aware of resources that are available within your community so that you can help your clients connect with these resources when they need additional support. Examples of resources include PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) and CenterLink Member LGBT Community Centers, which have locations across the United States.

By Day 4

Post by Day 4 an explanation of two challenges LGBTIQ clients may face as they come out in their sexual orientation to others. Then describe the resource you identified that serves this population and provide a link to the resource’s website. Finally, describe the services this resource provides and explain how they would be helpful to clients and their families.

Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the resources.

Levine, S. B., Risen, C. B., & Althof, S. E. (Eds.). (2016). Handbook of clinical sexuality for mental health professionals (3rd ed.). New York, NY: Routledge.

  • Chapter 24, “The Gay Male” (pp. 294-309)

Diamond, L. M. (2014). Gender and same-sex sexuality. In D. L. Tolman, L. M. Diamond, J. A. Bauermeister, W. H. George, J. G. Pfaus, & L. M. Ward (Eds.), APA handbook of sexuality and psychology, Vol. 1: Person-based approaches. (pp. 629–652). Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

Rosario, M., & Schrimshaw, E. W. (2014). Theories and etiologies of sexual orientation. In D. L. Tolman, L. M. Diamond, J. A. Bauermeister, W. H. George, J. G. Pfaus, & L. M. Ward (Eds.), APA handbook of sexuality and psychology, Vol. 1: Person-based approaches. (pp. 555–596). Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

Troy University Novica Opens Doors Across National Boundaries Case Study Questions


Read CLOSING CASE: Novica Opens Doors Across National Boundaries first and answers the questions 17 and 18 at the end of the case. Please use correct grammar and complete sentence. Thank you.

17. Visit novica.com and unilever.com. Compare and contrast the two sites in terms of their marketing effectiveness.

18. What does this case illustrate about the trade-offs between economic and social benefits in international business?

CJ 210 Monroe College Recent DNA Case In The State Akansas Discussion


TOPIC:  research a Recent DNA Case In The State Arkansas

You must include the following information in your research.

1.What DNA criminal case have you researched in your assigned state?

2.What are the specifics of your case?Date, location, circumstances, victims, criminal outcome?

3.How was DNA used to solve, exonerate or support the criminal case you chose?

4. Did DNA affect the outcome of your criminal case?Why?

5.Has DNA changed the criminal justice system in the assigned state you are researching? How?

6.Was there any controversies regarding the use of DNA within your assigned state where you researched your case? 

HIST 100 Cuyamaca College Byzantine Empire Discussion

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Investigate the byzantine empire (eastern roman empire).  Read chapter seven in our book and the information at the included web sites below.  What were the outstanding accomplishments of the byzantine empire under justinian and theodora’s rule? What was theodora’s role in the governance of constantinople? What was unusual about her role, for the time? In what ways did they preserve the culture of the roman empire and help solidify the importance and expansion of christianity? 

Main Categories of Market Entry Strategies Discussion Questions


From the real national market, select any companyof your choice, wishing to go global. Critically analyze the chosen company based on the following questions.


What variables need to beconsideredwhile developing a list of potential countries?

Describe the four steps a firm should take when it is considering going global.

Discuss at least three challenges that a company may face in the early period of expansion.

Instructions for the students

  • The answer to each question is not less than 100 words

Justify your answers, with the help of course materials, Text Book, Online resources.(See the course materials of Ch-5)

  • The choice of the company and the selection of countries must be based on referenced information.(Why did you select the country and the company?)

Mission College Marx Theory Discussion

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After summarizing Marx’s theory (minimum of 100 words), answer the following questions in three to five sentences each:

1. What are the strengths and weaknesses of Marxism in relation to business ethics?

2. How would Marx analyze the issues related to the Amazon case study?

3. How would Friedman respond? How would Freeman?

Acaydia School of Aesthetics Fire Prevention and Code Enforcement Discussion Response


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The department I used to work for had 3 fire investigators, The Fire Marshall, The Department Chief, and the Assistant Chief. They would regularly keep a list of those memebers that were or showed interest in becoming fire investigators. When investigations would arrise they would take a few of the interested ones with them to show them from start to finish how they conduct investigations, things to look for and also to give the investigators a hand if needed. A few times a year they would get an abandoned house that we would burn down for training so they would start a fire and we would put out the fire, and then they would take all of us through in groups to show us the key things to look for especially if it is suspected arson so we would know what areas to help protect to they could fully investigate.

CIS 438 Strayer University Policies on Information Security Discussion

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If you were the project leader at a small company being spun off from a larger company, how would you tackle the task of adapting your company’s policies regarding information security?

What are some of your greatest concerns? What rules are you likely to keep and which won’t really apply? Remember to keep a balance. You don’t want the employees to be so locked down by rules that they can’t efficiently do their jobs.