LAVC All Students Are Indigenous to The Class Discussion


In Note to Educators: Hope Required When Growing Roses in Concrete, Dr. Jeff Duncan-Andrade explores the concept of hope, an essential for nurturing urban youth in Oakland, California. He first identifies three forms of “false hope”—hokey hope, mythical hope, and hope deferred—pervasive in many urban schools. He proclaims genuine hope’s significance for an education that relieves undeserved suffering in communities.

What did you take away from his lecture and how will you implement some of his research towards the students that you will serve/teach in the future?

SDSU Student Advocacy and Sweatshop Labor Essay


Critical Thinking: Student Advocacy and “Sweatshop” Labor: The Case of Russell Athletic

Using the Six Steps of Decision-Making framework from this week’s content, please develop an essay responding to the following questions related to the case study Student Advocacy and “Sweatshop” Labor: The Case of Russell Athletic (p. 109).

Recognize decision requirement: What are the factors to consider in a corporation when deciding to outsource labor to developing countries? Include the following:

Diagnosis and analysis of causes: If labor outsourcing to developing countries is a legitimate business strategy, how can it be handled without risk of running into a sweatshop scandal?

Development of alternatives: What are other countries doing to avoid, reduce or eliminate sweatshops?
Selection of desired alternative: Decide on alternatives for outsourcing for companies in developed countries, including whether or not to maintain or implement the same high labor standards and regulations as in the home countries.

Implementation of alternatives: Which alternatives would be best for outsourcing for companies in the United States?

Evaluation and feedback: Have your recommendations been implemented in other countries? Are they working? What has been the outcome? 

  1. In this course, you will have six Critical Thinking assignments where you will respond to assignment questions to develop an essay. Essays have an introduction (to the topic of the assignment), a body (where you will integrate your responses), and a conclusion (your thoughts on the assignment). Please do not just answer the questions as is. It is best to use APA (7th ed) headings to capture the essence of the questions as a way to make sure you have integrated all of the responses in your essay. Also, make sure you are using an APA (7th ed) paper template as a starting point. 

University of the Cumberlands Week 6 Managing Project Teams Discussion


Chapter. 11 Managing Project Teams

Chapter. 12 Outsourcing: Managing Interorganizational Relations

Link to the book:

1. Read and reflect on the assigned readings for the week. Then post what you thought was the most important concept(s), method(s), term(s), and/or any other thing that you felt was worthy of your understanding in each assigned textbook chapter.Your initial post should be based upon the assigned reading for the week, so the textbook should be a source listed in your reference section and cited within the body of the text. Other sources are not required but feel free to use them if they aid in your discussion. 

2. Also, provide a graduate-level response to each of the following questions:

Assume  that you have the following decision-making options: (1) make the  decision on your own with available information, (2) consult others  before making a decision, and (3) call a meeting and reach a consensus,  seeking to arrive at a final decision everyone can agree on. Which  approach would you use to make each of the following decisions and why?

You  are the project leader for Casino Night on campus, a charitable event  organized by your group to raise money for the homeless. The event was a  big success, garnering a net profit of $3,500. Before the event your  team researched nearby organizations that support the homeless and to  whom the money could be given. You narrowed the choices to the “Chunk of  Coal House” and “St. Mary’s Soup Kitchen.” Eventually your group  decided that the funds be given to Chunk of Coal. You are about to write  a check to its director when you read in the local newspaper that the  Chunk of Coal House has terminated operations. What should you do with  the money? 

You  are the leader of a new product development project. Your team has  worked hard on developing a third-generation product that incorporates  new technology and meets customer demands. The project is roughly 50  percent complete. You have just received a report from the marketing  department detailing a similar product that is about to be released by a  competitor. The product appears to utilize radical new design  principles that expand the functionality of the product. This poses a  serious threat to the success of your project. Top management is  considering canceling your project and starting over again. They want  you to make a recommendation.

Netflix Brand Discussion


Interview a classmate, a friend or a family member regarding a relationship they have or had with a brand.

Prepare a 1-2 page summary that addresses the following questions:

What key insights were revealed about how this consumer views, relates to, and connect with the brand?

How would you characterize your classmate’s relationship with the brand? How has it evolved over time?

As a brand manager why is this information useful and what would you do with it?

What would you do to determine if these findings were typical across a larger set of consumers?

FIU Computer Architecture Ven Neumann Architecture Discussion

Question Description

I’m working on a programming discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Discussion 4 Instructions

Choose one of the following questions and provide a minimum of 200 words in response to it:

Please choose one of the following options and answer following the guidelines for discussions. The last two are possible interview questions for digital design jobs.

  1. What are the steps involved in an instruction cycle?
  2. Explain the components Of the Ven Neumann Architecture?
  3. What Are The different types Of fields that Are part Of an instruction?
  4. Explain Flip-flops to someone who may not have heard the term, but is computer literate.

Social Science Winthrops Argument Discussion

Question Description

I’m working on a social science question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Winthrop’s argument concerns the role of the individual’s relation with authority, and Franklin’s concerns the role of the individual’s relation with financial gain. In both of these arguments, who is more to blame, the individual’s own shortcomings or the circumstances beyond the individual’s control? Provide support for your answer from the readings. Do you agree with their assessments? Why?

Formatting Rules……

HS Diagnosis Essay


Diagnosis #3

Students should complete the Biopsychosocial FIRST. After completing, students should utilize the information learned from this week’s chapters and the case examples in the text to respond to the questions listed below. FYI – The biopsychosocial and diagnosis assignments use the same case/vignette. Review the case again as listed below to determine the diagnosis for the client utilizing the text, DSM-5, and other empirical support for reference.

Submissions for this assignment should include a title and reference page along with proper APA format which includes in-text citations, double space, 12 font, Time New Roman, etc. It is recommended that students use headers to delineate the various topics outlined below such as: Principal Diagnosis, Prevailing Pattern, Differential Assessment, etc. 

1) What is the principal diagnosis or reason for the visit that you would assign to this client? What criteria does this client meet for the diagnosis? – Cite/support in APA format (minimum of 1-2 paragraphs) – 4 points

2) What is the Prevailing Pattern? How prevalent is this disorder? Are there any risk factors to consider such as age, gender, culture, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, etc. that would apply or be important to consider for this client? – Cite/support in APA format (minimum of 1-2 paragraphs) – 4 points

3) What is the Differential Assessment? How are you able to differentiate this disorder from another for this client? Are there any factors of comorbidity to consider? – Cite/support in APA format (minimum of 1-2 paragraphs) – 4 points

4) What is the Assessment Summary? Clearly identify why you feel this client meets the criteria? – Cite/support in APA format (minimum of 2-3 paragraphs) – 4 points

5) What is the DSM-5 diagnosis/F-Codes/ICD-11/Specifiers for this client? – 1 point

FAU Microsoft Essay


The learning outcomes for this assignment include:

  • Explain the strategic planning process including values, mission, and vision
  • Apply the strategic options and tactics a firm may select to grow a business
  • Ethical and responsible decision-making and problem solving
  • Exhibit an understanding of how the external environment plays into the selection of strategic objectives through the use of a SWOT analysis
  • Demonstrate critical thinking skills
  • Demonstrate writing skills
  • Confirm the critical importance that appropriate communication plays in the execution of the strategic initiatives
  • Describe and explain aspects of the business plan including executive summary, mission statement, innovative and strategic posture, key issues.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in business writing, including APA 7th ed. standards and citations, references, grammar, punctuation, headings, title page, and quality of sources with emphasis on scholarly references within the most recent two years


This assignment covers not only the cumulative course content throughout our term but also in other courses leading up to this capstone course. In your final project, you will identify an organization to analyze in several of the areas of business strategy discussed in this course.

Your choice of organization can include either: Company is Microsoft

You should consider focusing on Microsofts gaming division, particularly since they announced the Acquisition of Activision-Blizzard.

Your assignment is to complete a business plan as to why this company is worth investing in or worth working at (think Shark Tank) based on the goods or services offered.

This project will include your analysis of the organization’s vision and strategic plan, along with the company’s efforts in succeeding, or where the company needs to improve.

Demonstrate proficiency in business writing, including APA 7th ed. standards and citations, references, grammar, punctuation, headings, title page, and quality of sources with emphasis on scholarly references within the past two years.

Your paper should address how the organization’s leaders and managers are performing in these strategic managerial focus areas .

Written Paper Format

Use the outline below when preparing your Business Plan. If you cannot find certain information, use your best judgment based on the information you can find. (For example, most companies do not state their exact objectives, but you can usually infer if management is focusing on profits, sales, customer service, product development, employee retention, etc.)

Your assignment has nine parts as described below. Include these parts as the section headings for your final paper in the order described below.

The assignment must be prepared using Word format, double-spaced, 1” margins, Times New Roman, and 12-point font (zero spacing) on letter size paper. There must be a cover page and a page for references The cover page must include your name and the company name (as well as the course code and professor’s name).

The length of written assignments, excluding cover and reference pages, must be at least 10 pages. Papers that are less than 10 pages will not be accepted. Must use at least 5 current sources for this paper. Do not use as a source; it will not be counted as one of your sources. Students are expected to use their own words instead of direct quotes from research sources.

Poor grammar, lack of references, typos, etc. may result in up to a 10-point reduction in your final grade. Be careful, run spell-check and grammar-check before submitting. Be sure to also check your work yourself as Word may miss an error. Do not use ‘first-person’ (I, us, our, we, ourselves) in narratives.

  • Abstract: The Abstract of your strategic plan should be completed last, and this section merely summarizes each of the other sections of your plan. Usually about a 250-word abstract, summarizing the main ideas.
  • Company Mission Statement: The company mission statement explains what your business is trying to achieve. For internal decision-making, the mission statement guides employees to make the right decisions, which should be in sync with helping the company achieve its mission. For external parties, such as partners, investors, and customers, your mission can help motivate them to take the actions you want.
  • Company Description: Outline your company’s history, products, and services and accomplishments.


  • Corporate Governance: Corporate governance pursues integrative approaches to systems of governance, which controls how the organizations operates internally and externally. It uses systematic approaches to implore people to work together to develop and sustain the interests of the organization for all stakeholders.
  • Analyze the goals (do not just list them, give your opinion about them):
  • Board of Directors (do you think there is the right mix of insiders and outsiders, do the members participate appropriately, and are there any issues?); Please do not copy and paste all the names with their pictures taking up pages toward this paper. It is alight to say who comprises this board of directors with their names as long as you also answer the questions in this section.
  • The company’s ownership structure (i.e., is ownership dominated by any single investor, are the largest owners institutional, family, etc.?); and
  • The top management team (i.e., do senior executives appear to have the appropriate skills and experience to manage the company into the future? Do they seem to show empathy or is that lacking?)
  • Strategic/SWOT Analysis: This section provides your reader with an overview of the strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats. It’s a good idea to present the material as an internal analysis and an external environment analysis. Make sure you clearly provide the issues you want to tackle.
  • Opportunities & Threats: Separate your analysis of the company’s threats and opportunities at the macro (societal) and industry (task) levels known as external.
  • Strengths & Weaknesses: Separate your analysis of the company’s strengths and weaknesses into the following categories: corporate structure, corporate culture, & resources (also known as internal/functional areas)
  • You may choose to put your SWOT into table format. Below is an example of a table to use. Be sure to give enough explanation of the item to be understood (do not just say “high inflation” or something like that) and provide references for information you include
  • Innovation and Strategic Posture: The process of innovation include improving products and actions inside and outside of the organization for all stakeholders. Therefore, the management of Innovation is a comprehensive approach to managerial problem solving and action based on an integrative problem-solving framework, and an understanding of the linkages among innovation streams, organizational teams, and organization evolution.
  • How does the company use innovation to develop strategy or what innovative ideas have they developed that set them apart from the competition?
  • Explain the company’s competitive positioning and cooperative strategies
  • State at least two key objectives for the company and explain one strategy the company is pursuing to achieve these objectives
  • Note: In addition to defining who your company’s key competitors are, you should list their strengths & weaknesses. Most importantly, use this analysis to determine your current competitive advantages and ways to develop additional advantages.
  • How is the company socially responsible, provide examples where applicable if and if not?
  • Has there been any issues in the news regarding ethical or unethical behavior of employees of this company, including the CEO and management?


  • Key issues and recommendations:
  • Identify the key issue facing the company at this moment. You must state and explain the one issue that you feel is most important to the company’s future success (examples could be a competitive threat, a recent strike, lack of cash flow, unhealthy corporate culture, pandemic, etc.)
  • Explain what the key issue is, how you identified it, and why it is so important to the company’s future success.
  • Recommendations:
  • Identify the key issue facing the company at this moment. You must state and explain the one issue that you feel is most important to the company’s future success (examples could be a competitive threat, a recent strike, lack of cash flow, unhealthy corporate culture, pandemic, etc.)
  • What is your recommended directional strategy for the company’s key divisions or business units?
  • What is your recommended competitive positioning strategy for the company?
  • What are the skills/professional experiences you feel are most important for the CEO of this company?
  • Review the organization’s vision statement presented in the first section of the paper. Analyze the organization’s ability to execute its vision. How might the vision be adjusted for the current business environment?


  • All written assignments must be typed in WORD format, double-spaced, 1” margins, Times New Roman, and 12-point font (zero spacing) on letter size paper. The maximum/minimum length of student responses to written assignments will be stated in each assignment. Written assignments must be neat, including but not limited to correct spelling and grammar, proper sources, references identified (APA 7 format), appropriate business terms (no “slang”), and well organized.
  • The minimum/maximum length of written assignments excludes cover and reference pages.
  • Written assignments must be in your own words instead of direct quotes from your research sources.

MGT 6170 California Miramar University Classical Decomposition Method Questions


Group Case Study

Group Case Study:

For this assignment, following APA style, answer as comprehensively as possible the questions after each case summary.

Please refer to the Best Homes, Inc. Forecasting on page 463 of the text and answer the questions that follow the synopsis below.

     Synopsis and Purpose

The purpose of this case is to expose students to the issues involved in forecasting. best Homes is a home construction company with headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri.  They construct only residential homes throughout the U.S. and only new homes.  Their reputation is based on building quality homes at a competitive price.  Forecasting the correct demand for new home construction is a challenging task. 

Read the case study on pages 463 of the text and answer the following questions:


What forecasting methods should the company consider?  Please justify:

Use the classical decomposition method to forecast average demand for 2016 by month.  What is your forecast of monthly average demand for 2016?

Best Homes is also collecting sales projections from each of its regions for 2016. What role should these additional sales projections play, along with the forecast from question 2, in determining the final national forecast?

All forecasting methods include errors, which can only be determined when the actual data become available.  The challenge remains to estimate the error in advance.  Note my lecture in class about how to respond to this challenge.  The decomposition approach is a good beginning, but it has to be expanded to get reasonable results on estimating the error associated with a sales forecast.  I expect that you incorporate my guidance in your thinking and address the technique at least in concept.  If you do not see the possibility to address this task within the five questions specified by the case study text, then create a separate answer for forecast error assessment.

HS Biopsychosocial Essay


Biopsychosocial #3

Utilizing the information learned from this week’s chapters and reviewing the case examples in the text for practice, review the case below to:

a) Identify the Biological, Psychological, and Social variables impacting the client

b) Assess for Competence

Students must complete this assignment using two formats:

1) Submit the attached form/diagram which is similar to the examples used in the text. The diagram should be completed using applications from the case vignette listed below and provide a “snapshot” of your assessment. Examples from the chapters can be used for reference. – 5 points

2) Submit written feedback using APA 7th edition format with the 3 variables (bio/psycho/social) and competence utilized as headers. This submission should include an expansion of the assessment diagram and provide support to the assessment given utilizing information from the text and any other empirically supported sources. Submissions for this assignment should include a title and reference page along with proper APA format which includes in-text citations, double space, 12 font, Time New Roman, etc. Excluding the title and reference page, your response should be approximately 1-2 pages in length. – 10 points

Case Vignette:

When Dion’s wife was able to get him to agree to an inpatient comprehensive evaluation, she was desperate. Dion was 38 years old and had been unemployed for several years and was essentially non-functional. After partying all night and shopping all day for a week, his wife stated that she would leave him if he did not check into a psychiatric hospital. Dion presented to the admitting psychiatrist as a fast-talking, happy, seductive man, with no evidence of hallucinations or delusions.

Dion’s issues began 7 years earlier when he was working as an insurance adjuster. He had a few months of mild, intermittent depressive symptoms, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, and loss of appetite. At the time, he thought the symptoms were stress-related from work as he was back to his usual self within a few months.

A few years later, a physician noted an asymptomatic thyroid mass during a routine physical examination. One month after removal of the mass, a papillary cyst, Dion noted dramatic mood changes. Twenty-five days of remarkable energy, hyperactivity, and euphoria were followed by 5 days of depression, during which he slept a lot and felt that he could hardly move. This pattern of alternating periods of elation and depression, apparently with few “normal” days, repeated itself continuously over the following years.

During his energetic periods, Dion was euphoric, optimistic, and self-confident, but also short-tempered and easily irritated. He functioned well on only a couple of hours of sleep per night and sometimes he did not sleep at all for several days at a time. He spoke very rapidly, and people complained that they had trouble getting a word in edgewise during conversations. His judgment at work was erratic. He spent large sums of money on unnecessary and, for him, uncharacteristic purchases that he could not afford, such as a high-priced surround-sound system and several Doberman pinschers. He also had several impulsive sexual flings. During his depressed periods, he often stayed in bed all day because of fatigue, lack of motivation, and depressed mood. He felt guilty about the irresponsibility and excesses of his prior several weeks. He stopped eating, bathing, and shaving. After several days of this withdrawal, Dion would rise from bed one morning feeling better and within 2 days be back at work, often working feverishly, though ineffectively, to catch up on work he had let slide during his depressed periods.

Although both Dion and his wife denied that he used any substances other than when he binged on alcohol during his hyperactive periods, he was dismissed from his job 5 years ago because his supervisor was convicted that his overactivity must have been due to drug use. His wife has been supporting him financially ever since then.

When he finally agreed to a psychiatric evaluation 2 years ago, Dion was minimally cooperative and noncompliant with several medications that were prescribed, including lithium carbonate, sodium valproate, and antidepressant medications. His mood swings continued with few interruptions up to the current hospitalization.

In the hospital, his physical examination, blood chemistry, blood cell counts, computed tomography (CT) scan of his brain, and cognitive testing were unremarkable. After a week, he switched to his characteristic depressive state.

After 3 weeks in the hospital, Dion’s mood was stable on sodium valproate. He left the hospital, very quickly found a new job, and did well the following year. Feeling well, he decided that he did not need the medication and stopped taking the sodium valproate. Within weeks, his previous symptoms returned and had to be hospitalized again.